About Us

Why we make our snacks is as important as what we make.

What Drives Us

We believe snacks should be wonderfully surprising. That’s why we take a culinary approach to create snacks that use simple, nutrient-dense ingredients. Then we combine these ingredients in the same way a chef does, surprising and delighting you with snacks that defy your expectations.

Our Story

This is a story about passion for food. A story that started with a simple question: How do we make “good for you” snacks more interesting?

Our small group of health-focused people set out to find answers. We sought to start a new company within Abbott…and Curate Snacks was born.

Why Curate?

Curate means to bring things together to share them as a collection. That’s what we do with every ingredient we select and snack we create.

We start with carefully selected, wholesome ingredients—such as Mission figs, balsamic vinegar, quinoa, chia seeds, or lavender. We combine them in unexpected ways until we land on a brilliant combination we hope you’ll love.

Taste Snacks Curated for You

We set the bar high. We’re serious about incredible flavor and real nutrition. Our snacks are filled with protein and are a good source of plant-based fiber, and are lightly sweetened from only natural sources. They are non-GMO and gluten-free and never contain artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

Join us as we continue to challenge snacking expectations.